MBISS Am/ MBIS MBISS Can Ch. Marksman's Navajo Dreamcatcher AOM

Feb 18, 2003 -- July 25, 2012

We lost Woody in July of 2012, it is now January 2016 and I am
still having a hard time finding the words to do this.   His death
stunned us, he was happily running in the yard in the
morning & by the next afternoon I was having to make the big
decision.  I needed to know what took this healthy, happy
boy so suddenly.
Necropsy showed a 1 inch tumor on his prostate & blood clots
 in his brain, leading to speculation that the tumor threw the
blood clots that caused a stroke.
We knew he was going to be special  from the time he hit the
whelping box.  He was our first home bred Am/Can Ch.
from our very first home bred litter.  The word "proud"
doesn't begin to describe how we felt about Woody &
being his breeders.
His accomplishments were something we never dreamed were
possible, he took us on a once in a lifetime ride.  It's unfortunate
that most people never had the pleasure of knowing the true
personality that wasWoody, he was a gentleman,  he lived loose &
in harmony with our 3 other boys, one of them being Coltyn who
had seizures.  Now, I was always told that strong dogs will
usually attack the weak, when Coltyn would have a seizure,
Woody would quietly leave the room  & the others would follow.
Woody would head for the door, he just wanted to get away.
For a long time after losing Coltyn,  Woody would get a
concerned look on his face when one of the boys was kicking in
their sleep.  Then there was our brother-in-law who has MS,
Woody didn't see him often but when he did he stuck by his side
because he sensed something was different.  Woody was truly a
treasure & had a unique way of reading others.
Structurally, Woody was perfection, poetry in motion.
As one breeder judge said, "he is one step away from the perfect
dog".   To us, he was perfection, a very tough act to follow. Woody
was a sweet, gentle soul, who loved the shows, the travelling, the
people & just loved life.  He was my best friend & companion,
there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of  him.  
Fonzee was my heart, Woody was my soul.
Sleep well my sweet, gentle man,  I miss you terribly.

Am/Can Ch. Paquestone Zaniri's Navajo

March 30, 2000 -- February 22, 2011

    Fonzee was our foundation dog and our heart here at Navajo.  He was
    the sire of our first two litters resulting in 8 puppies, 4 of them Am/Can
 champions, one of them being our Top 20 dog, Woody.  Fonzee was in
excellent health, it was heartbreaking to have lost him now to an old
      injury that took it's toll on his mobility.  Our sweet, gentle soul is sorely
     missed.  We would have had a house full of Fonzees if we could.  Fonzee
         is the origin of the Navajo kennel name.   Thank you Raymond Goldstone
(Paquestone) & Joanne & Laureen Kinney (Zaniri) for our fun loving
Graci son.  Fonzee brought so much joy to our lives & captured the
hearts of those who knew him.


Am/Can Ch. Danesmore Diamond Cameo
March 24, 2000 -- March 2011

Emily was foundation of Marksman & also the foundation dam
of Marksman Navajo.  She was the dam of our first two litters
mentioned above.  Em was one of a kind, a true "Grande Dame",
she was respected by all of the boys at Navajo.  Em was also the
smartest dane I have known.  Watching her ponder out her own
solutions was amazing.   Emily's loving home was with Heather
Budd of Marksman, she was co-owned by Navajo & Ellesmere.


 Am/Can Ch. Marksman NavajoWindancer
 February 18, 2003 -- July 3, 2010

Kyle was from our first litter out of Fonzee & Emily.  He finished his
Canadian title very quickly as a puppy & was a Best Puppy in Show
winner.  Kyle attained his U.S title at the age of 15 months, then was
selectively shown in Canada making it to #3 dane in the country.  
 Kyle left us very suddenly & far too soon.  He is deeply missed by
 co-breeder Anne  Stewart, her husband Bob & everyone at
  Marksman Navajo.  


Marksman's Navajo Legend
July 23, 2004--August 21, 2011

Axel was the only male out of our 2nd litter of 6.  He had a wonderful, loving home
with Jay & Rhonda Sorochin in San Jose, CA.  The following is an account of
Axel's life as written by Rhonda.

"Axel lived to snuggle, adored hs brother & his Dad's raspberries.  He loved butter,
mariachis, ice cubes, toys, toys, toys & anything on Animal Planet.  He was always
a good boy at the vet, house broken at 10 weeks old & became a great lizard hunter
on walks.  He was shy, sensitive & intuitive.  He would help open everyone's
presents, liked it when you held his hand & would lick his feet when everything was
right with the world.  He had the softest nose....ever, & the center of his life was
his family.  He was an old soul who was my devoted, trustworthy shadow.  When
we lost Axel to lymphoma, he had just turned 7.  He passed while asleep in the arms
of his family & will forever be buried in my heart."

Thank you Jay & Rhonda for giving our brindle boy a very special life.

Cupar Navajo Lone Star
March  5, 2008--April 6, 2012


Can Ch.Whisper Hill's Simply The Best

April 21, 1996 -- January 30, 2007

 Action was our first show dog, his claim to fame was being the
sire of MBIS MBISS Can/Am Ch. Standbyme's Believe In Magic.


Roscoe's Contessa
 September 27, 1988 -- December 1999

Angel was our beautifuly spotted lady.  She also had
a good pedigree but was never shown or bred.  She
was Roscoe's companion first, then Action's.  We
enjoyed our sweet, loving girl for over 11 years.


Cockatrice's Casey
September 8, 1986 -- January 1, 1996

Roscoe was our first dane.  He came from good bloodlines & was a
wonderful addition to our home.  We rescued him at 4 months old &
never looked back.  We were hooked on the breed & so started all of
our research into learning everything we could.


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